Teenagers from all over the state will gather in the Wisconsin Dells this week to participate in a conversation and convention about driver safety and texting while driving. The program partners local high schools with the Wisconsin State Patrol, along with other organizations, to create the first annual “Teen State Summit.”

There have been many studies that confirm that distracted or inattentive driving causes many car accidents each year. This is a particularly serious problem for new drivers, who are generally more susceptible to distraction than experienced drivers. Combined with teens who are constantly trying to keep up with friends and monitor their social media applications, and there is a serious risk of injury from a distracted driving car accident.

One element of the summit will be screening a documentary about teenagers who were injured or killed in a car accident linked to texting and driving. The documentary is called “The Last Text.”

They will also see a presentation about how difficult it is to text and drive a car at the same time, including an obstacle course element.

The teenagers who are attending this event also went to a National Teen Distracted Driving Summit in Washington D.C. last year. It is part of a greater national initiative to curb distracted driving and make the roads safer for all drivers.

Distracted driving is considered negligent behavior under Wisconsin laws. Any driver who causes an accident through texting or other negligent acts is liable for car injuries or property damage that they cause.

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