A 25-year old Philadelphia man was convicted to up to 10 years in prison for the wrongful death of a woman in a hit-and-run accident in Cheltenham. The woman, who was 53, died of head injuries as a result of the accident. The man allegedly fled the scene of the accident without checking on the victim, but was seen by another motorist. His license plate information was turned over to authorities, which led to his conviction.

The man faced a number of charges in relation to the death of the woman, including leaving the scene of the accident, as well as attempting to cover up his involvement with the accident.

It is alleged that he tried to remove the woman’s blood from the car with water and bleach. He also ditched the vehicle in another state and told police he had sold it weeks prior. According to Montgomery News, pieces of the vehicle were found at the scene of the fatal accident and were used in the trial. The man had apparently claimed that he was at the home of his girlfriend when the accident occurred. She later told police that it was a lie.

The man’s license was reportedly revoked and expired at the time of the accident, and he was also charged with driving without a license, insurance, or the appropriate registration. While the man professed regret, saying he panicked in the heat of the moment, the judge inflicted hefty penalties on the man, saying he felt the driver could have done far more to help the victim.

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